Big Ed Brown Works Out on Camera: I’m Gonna Be Hotter than Rose!!

This summer, we reported that Big Ed Brown is filming again for 90 Day Fiance.

It looks like he’s trying to get in shape before he returns to the spotlight, because he just shared a workout pic. Yes, really.

Rosemarie Vega with a Rose

Before we get into Big Ed Brown’s gym photo that is making the rounds, we should talk about what Rosemarie is up to.

It’s relevant.

Also, her latest photos are showing her with a more polished look and flaunting gorgeous new hair.

Rosemarie Vega Flaunts New Hair

Rose hopes to use her brush with 90 Day Fiance fame to support herself, her son, and her family.

That means upgrading her look and her social media content, as so many other 90 Day Fiance stars have done towards the same end.

She looks great — and some fans wonder if jealousy over the positive attention that she is receiving is what is driving her ex to try to “compete.”

Ed Brown Works Out

This week, Ed took to Instagram to post a photo of himself working out.

Specifically, he appears to be doing strength training on his arms using resistance equipment.

The effort that he is exerting is visibly apparent on his face in the photo, which is well lit. We’d expect no less from a professional photographer.

Big Ed Brown Drinks in His Robe

Big Ed is one of the most infamous stars in recent 90 Day Fiance history, in part because he had so many eye-catching moments on screen.

He has been widely memed this year, though of course attention to him has died down in recent months.

Is Ed, widely believed to be a desperate famewhore who is thirsty for attention, trying to meme-bait 90 Day Fiance fans?

Big Ed Brown Photo

Alternatively, some have wondered if he might be teasing a glow-up spinoff or miniseries.

Danielle Mullins almost got her very own version of From Not To Hot. There have been whispers about Angela Deem succeeding where Danielle failed.

Is Big Ed going to get a makeover? Or at least, you know, have a professional come to his house and ask him to stop slathering his hair with mayonnaise?

Big Ed Brown Speaks at the Tell All

Well, probably not.

The reality is that Ed was not posting that photo entirely for himself.

The photo is either a thank-you shoutout to a company, Special Compass, or a paid advertisement that should have been tagged per FTC guidelines.

Big Ed

Special Compass is a non-profit special needs organization that works towards inclusion of the disabled community in fitness and athletic events.

Ed Brown is, lest we forget, disabled.

The condition that reduced the mobility in his neck and has drastically reduced his height is a disability, which is why it has been so heartbreaking to see some poke fun at his neck.

Big Ed Brown Cannot Listen to Any More Criticism

There are countless reasons to make fun of Big Ed, from his mayonnaise hair to how catastrophically his desire to be loved backfired.

He has many fans, thanks to his time on television and his eagerness to do interviews.

However, fans who watched the way that he treated Rosemarie cannot get the image out of their heads of the way that he acted.

Big Ed Brown Speaks on B90 Strikes Back

Interrogating someone about their sexual history is rude. Doing it on camera is worse.

Pressuring the person you want to be with to take an STI test while refusing to take one yourself? That’s not a good look.

And neither is shaming someone for their body hair or falsely accusing them of having poor dental hygiene.

Big Ed Brown at the Tell All

But Big Ed’s worst affront was the lies. He lied to Rose from day one, knowing that she wanted more kids and that he wanted a vasectomy.

Why didn’t he tell her what he wanted so that she could either accept it or break it up?

The only answer that makes sense is that either he just wanted to use her for fame, that he just wanted to have sex with her, or both. Sadly, his plan worked.

Big Ed Brown Tried to Pay Rosemarie Vega to Strip Down on Camera!

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