Christine Brown Flies First Class, Prompts Mass Confusion Among Sister Wives Fans

We feel icky even asking the following question.

However, in the middle of conflicting reports and unexpected developments, the question must now be asked…

brown first class2

… did Christine Brown just rip off her fans?

Going back several weeks, the veteran Sister Wives cast member started asking followers for money.

It was an awkward situation, but also a necessary one in Christine’s mind because her teenage daughter, Ysabel, needed back surgery.

“I can’t go into tons of information,” Brown wrote in June.

“But one of my daughters needs a surgery and I need $50,000 for a down payment for the surgery, and you guys are making it happen.”

Christine Brown Looks Unsure

How come husband Kody Brown couldn’t jump in to take care of this medical bill?

Because he’s spent close to $2 million on bad real estate deals in Arizona and has no way to supplement his income outside of the show and financial problems continue to plague he and his four spouses.

And their children, of course, as a result.

Christine proceeded to keep followers apprised of her monetary progress, thanking them at one point for helping her hit the halfway mark of $25,000.

Christine Brown and Daughter Ysabel

She then told Sister Wives viewers that Ysabel had successfully undergone her procedure in a New Jersey hospital earlier this month, adding that the teen is now resting comfortably at a relative’s home.

For the record, meanwhile, no… Kody was not present for his own daughter’s surgery.

Here’s the thing, though.

And here is why we suddenly have a rather grave concern.

brown first class

After Ysabel’s recovered at her aunt’s house, she and her mom and two sisters flew back to Arizona — IN FIRST CLASS!

As you can see above, Gwendlyn posted a photo of herself alongside Ysabel on a plane — with their masks on, thankfully —  and she wrote on the photo:

“First class babeyyy.”

The caption and the trip has fans at a loss.

Christine Brown in a Jacket

How on earth did Christine and her kids afford a first class ticket?

Did they possibly pocket any extra money donated to them for the aforementioned surgery and then use it in this manner, as opposed to sending it back to the generous fans who gave it to them?

Under the assumption this money would be used for medical expenses?

We hate to jump to that conclusion, but the optics, at the very least, look pretty awful here for Christine, you know?

Christine Brown on Facebook Live

Last season on Sister Wives, Christine said the family is financially “drowning.”

Christine has since started promoting mascara and selling vitamins on her social media pages and she may very well have used this money to purchase the first class airline tickets.

But even  if that’s the case… even if she didn’t steal from her followers… we still must question the reality star’s judgment.

If her family is really struggling for money, wouldn’t Christine have been better served to spend her earnings in a more productive manner than upgraded seats on an airplane?

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