Dale Moss: Get to Know the Hunk Who Blows Up The Bachelorette!

Dale Moss is getting set to make history.

With the long-awaited return of The Bachelorette, yes, all eyes will be on Clare Crawley because she’s the show’s lead star this fall.

However, these same eyes will then quickly shift over to Moss because he’s about to do something no other contestant in the history of this program has ever accomplished.

Dale Moss on the Premiere

Moss is about to make such a strong impression on Crawley that she’ll decide after just 12 days of filming that there’s no reason to continue.

She’ll fall so darn hard for Moss that she’ll come to a never-before-seen agreement with producers: She’ll decide to walk away long before the final rose ceremony because… why bother to pretend, you know?

Dale Moss is The One for Clare and there’s no point in acting otherwise on air.

With these Bachelorette spoilers confirmed by multiple reliable outlets, one obvious question has emerged ahead of the October 13 season premiere:

Dale Moss

Just who is Dale Moss?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Let’s start here: He’s 31 years old.

He’s also quite the athlete!

Moss played college basketball at San Diego State University, where he averaged 5.6 points per game, until he incredibly moved from the court to the turf and played football his senior year.

Dale Moss Photo

As a wide receiver, Moss was signed to the Green Bay Packers as a free agent in 2012.

Throughout his career, he also played for the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, although he never saw any action on the field.

Following this brief (and impressive!) stint in the National Football Leage, Moss went on to be a model.

He has also worked as a host, participated in many philanthropic endeavors and is a Special Olympics global ambassador.

Dale Moss Picture

“I’ve had the privilege of being featured in global campaigns with top brands in fitness, fashion and lifestyle and I’m only getting started,” Miss writes in his website biography.

“My passion for storytelling and ability to connect with people across different industries has made me a sought after entertainment host and media personality.”

Moss also lives in New York City and is very close to both his sisters and his parents.

Dale Moss Image

Elsewhere, actually have a pretty good idea of what Moss is looking for in a partner.

“There definitely has to be attraction, and you get that feeling like ‘Damn, is she out of my league? Like, is she too much for me?’” the South Dakota native said on an episode of the MaleRoom in October 2019.

“I meet a lot of women who, on the outside, you would think I would get that feeling.

“But the substance or some of the other things might not be there.”

Dale Moss in Bed

There’s been some talk that Moss met Crawley before filming on The Bachelorette began (false).

And there’s been talk that Crawley and Moss are already engaged (TBD).

Moss, meanwhile, is very interested in a woman who knows who she is, which does seem to describe the 39-year old Crawley well.

“If you have energy, you carry yourself with confidence, and you connect and have a conversation, you can see into their soul, you can really get a good feel,” he said on the aforementioned video series.

Meeting Her Husband?

You can sort of tell why Clare falls so hard for Dale Moss, can’t you?

“I think romance is a little bit of vulnerability, to be honest.

“You have to be willing to fail, but also I think sometimes you have to say, ‘Screw it,’ and take a chance, not really knowing what’s going to happen,” he said last year, practically previewing his stint on The Bachelorette.

“If I could put it in one word, vulnerability is a level of romance. And at the end of the day, you have to have passion and love at the same time.”

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