David Eason and Nathan Griffith Just Made Peace Over a Donald Trump Flag

David Eason and Nathan Griffith don’t agree on very much.

Such as how to raise a young boy without allegedly assaulting or abusing him.

And yet, according to the woman with whom each of these aggressive men have gone to bed, Eason and Griffith do have one thing in common:

eason and griffith

Their love for President Donald Trump.

Jenelle Evans Tweeted this week that her very first baby daddy — who has been feuding for years with Eason because he believes Eason abused his son, Kaiser — surprised her recently when he actually presented her husband with a gift.

“You know what I think is super adorable? The way [Nathan] bought a new Trump flag for David. Glad everyone is on the same page now,” Evans told followers, taking them very far aback and adding:

“Never in a million years would I think those two would get along.”

jenelle/trump flag

You and us both, Jenelle!

As recently as this past July, Eason trashed Griffith as a deadbeat dad, alleging that Nathan neglects his 11-year old child and telling a social media follower that Griffith has “never been involved much at all” in Kaiser’s life.

Last summer, meanwhile, Child Protective Services removed Jenelle’s three kids from her care for a month while they investigated claims that she and Eason weren’t providing these children with a safe home.

Evans slammed Griffith around this time for not letting her talk to Kaiser while authorities sorted everything out.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in 2020

Our point being?

There have been some MASSIVELY HUGE AND GIGANTIC issues between Griffith and Eason and Evans over the years.

But who says Donald Trump can’t bring Americans together?

Never underestimate the power of racism, readers, and how it can bond even the harshest of enemies.

Jenelle and David at a Pot Dispensary

In June, remember, Eason was arrested for an alleged assault against one of Jenelle’s friends, prompting Griffith to go off on Twitter.

“How do you explain marks on my son’s back, black eye, whip marks on his rear end, continuous police investigation,” he asked, continuing as follows:

“Charges against David Eason for multiple violence and aggressive behavior … NOTHING HAPPENS.

“What am I supposed to do besides being a panic parent!”

Nathan and Kaiser Being Tough

Another alternative, it now seems, would be to make peace with Eason over a shared love of a sociopath.

Who cares that Nathan once published a photo of his son’s bruised rear end on his Twitter after Evans alleged the child got said bruises from a water slide.

“Cut the truth! No one, no magazine and no sponsor wants to publish this because of guidelines,” Griffith ranted to Hollywood Life last year, claiming Eason gave Kaiser these marks.

“Bruise? Or bruises? Water slide right? My son told me that he got hit by a stick.”

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