Did Katharine McPhee Just Low-Key Confirm That She’s Pregnant?!

We had a feeling this was coming, and now, well, here we are!

Just a few days ago, we reported how sources were abuzz claiming American Idol alum Katharine McPhee Foster was officially pregnant with her first child with husband David Foster. The pair hasn’t officially confirmed the news yet, and so there’s been at least a little uncertainty about what exactly is going on there.

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But on Friday night, McPhee appeared to blow the whole thing wide open with a very subtle — but very, very specific — message hidden inside one of her Instagram Stories videos! Yes, really!

Below, you can see screenshots from a gift opening the superstar singer shared on video on Friday. The spirits company Aperol Spritz sent her the care package, along with instructions on how to make the popular Italian cocktail, and it all looks cute AF:

Katharine McPhee's alcohol care package came with an interesting video message...If she can’t drink it right now, can we get that alcohol for our stash?! Ha!! / (c) Katharine McPhee Foster/Instagram

Aww! Nice! Alcohol care packages are MUCH needed during this time of pandemic and self-quarantine! LOLz!

But it’s what Katharine herself said during the video that really has us talking!

While showing off the care package from the alcohol company, McPhee Foster said to her fans on camera (below):

“I won’t be drinking this for a while. Wink, wink. But I’m so excited.”

Ummm… excuse us?!?! So does that mean……??????????

Of course, the happy couple first really drew speculation last week after they were spotted shopping for baby clothes together — which would kind of seem to be a tell-tale sign, right?! Then you add in our sources reporting that the pregnancy is a go, and now this comment about how “wink, wink,” the singer can’t be drinking for a while, and, well…

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As you’ll recall, Katharine and David have been married since June of 2019, when they exchanged vows at the altar after a long history as friends outside marriage and collaborators in the music biz.

Now, it increasingly appears as though they are ready to add to their resume as new parents together. Foster, of course, has children from previous marriages. Previously, he was married to Linda Thompson and Yolanda Hadid, among others, before his nuptials with McPhee just over a year ago.

Whatever may be going on with McPhee and a possible (probable?) pregnancy, here’s to them enjoying it and going with the flow! And whenever that alcohol is able to be consumed, well, enjoy that stuff then, too! Ha!

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[Image via Sheri Determan/WENN]

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Oct 10, 2020 13:08pm PDT

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