Dr. Dre’s Ex Now Being Investigated For Embezzlement Amid Divorce Battle

We knew this split would be ugly, but this is next level!

The divorce between Dr. Dre and Nicole Young was already on track to be one of the most expensive ever, so there was a lot on the line. We’ve already seen some mudslinging, but we didn’t anticipate accusations of criminal conduct being part of the proceedings! According to TMZ, that’s exactly what’s going down; Young is now being investigated for embezzlement by the LAPD.

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Let’s back up for a second. Back in September, Dre’s record company, Record One, issued a letter to the 50-year-old accusing her of “blatant and unjustifiable criminal embezzlement of corporate funds” after she allegedly removed a total of $353,571.85 from the company’s business account in two withdrawals. (Nicole was a trustee and signatory of said account.) The letter demanded the mother of two return the funds or face legal action, per TMZ.

At the time, Nicole’s lawyer Bryan Freedman told the outlet:

“This is just a low-grade PR stunt by Andre and his team to try to change the fact that he was caught red-handed and sued for trying to cheat Nicole out of community property to which she is entitled. There is no question that Nicole had both the contractual and the legal right to have taken this action and Andre’s team is well aware of this fact. Any suggestion she did something untoward is preposterous and pathetic.”

Well… now it looks like Team Dre is calling Nicole’s bluff. The music mogul’s business partner Larry Chatman filed a report with the LAPD against Young for her withdrawal of the funds. According to TMZ, the police are now “looking into” Chatman’s assertions of embezzlement. If charged, Young could face possible jail time.

Apparently, Chatman’s lawyers have claimed Young’s name was removed from the account after withdrawal #1, in which case she definitely wouldn’t have had “contractual and legal” rights to the cash. And while the Beats by Dre entrepreneur wasn’t officially involved in reporting his ex to law enforcement, it’s hard to imagine he wasn’t at least aware that his business partner would make this move — and even might need his permission.

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This development comes on the heels of a judge ruling in Dre’s favor against Nicole’s request for a staggering $1.5 million payment for her own security team. The 55-year-old’s legal team also condemned Nicole’s petition for nearly $2 million a month in spousal support. However, Dre has expressed that he will continue to support his ex-wife and cover her living expenses. He said in a statement:

“I have made it very clear to her by my words and actions that I want our dissolution to be amicable and for her to feel comfortable and respected.”

“Amicable,” huh? Doesn’t seem like things are shaking out that way, does it? We’ll be VERY interested to see how all this plays out…

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Oct 13, 2020 17:11pm PDT

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