Eric Nichols Said Larissa Lima is Awful in Bed, Doesn’t Bathe, and STINKS — According to Nathalie

On Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, we saw Larissa Lima reunite with Eric Nichols.

She had misgivings, however, given how ugly their breakup was.

So Larissa called up a woman who had chatted with Eric in the immediate aftermath of their September 2019 split.

That woman was Nathalie, and she had a lot to share about the things that Eric had said behind Larissa’s back.

Some of it was so bad that TLC didn’t air the details.

Now, Nathalie has released a laundry list of things that Eric allegedly said to her about his ex when their breakup was fresh and painful.

More than that, she’s talking about Larissa, Eric, and just about every person related to their storyline.

Whether it’s her thoughts on Eric’s penis or Larissa’s friends, she’s speaking her mind.

And, at the end, there’s a short video of Nathalie explaining how she and Larissa went from two women supporting each other to fierce enemies.

1. Nathalie has a LOT to say

Nathalie has a LOT to say

We first heard from Nathalie when she warned Larissa about what Eric had been saying behind her back. Then, she was a surprise guest at the Tell All. Now she has a lot more to say about Eric, his penis, his sexuality, about Vanessa, about Carmen, Larissa, and what Eric told her about Larissa. She’s also revealing why she and Larissa were at each other’s throats at the Tell All.

2. She answered a LOT of questions

She answered a LOT of questions

On Instagram, Nathalie is responding to a barrage of new fans. Some have questions. Some just want to shower her with compliments. Some are deeply thirsty.

3. It’s not all fun

It's not all fun

She confirms that she has dealt with nasty backlash. Some people watch television just to hate everyone they see, and then they go on social media to try to make it that person’s problem.

4. As for Eric

As for Eric

Nathalie has a lot to say about Eric … as did this fan question. Mostly, she thinks that he is deeply weird.

5. As for that phone call with Larissa

As for that phone call with Larissa

Nathalie apparently had NO IDEA that she was being recorded. That’s weird for Larissa to do. Frankly, that’s weird for Sharp and TLC to do. It’s … well, we’re no legal scholars, but there are many places in the US where recording someone’s voice without their knowledge can bring legal consequences under the right circumstances.

6. Why was her segment so short?

Why was her segment so short?

Apparently, from the moment that Nathalie appeared as a surprise guest at the Tell All, Larissa and Eric were “screaming” in her ear, making it difficult for her to speak. Add that to editing, and we only saw her for a few minutes.

7. She is NOT a fan of Carmen

She is NOT a fan of Carmen

Carmen and Larissa are BFFs. Carmen even set up Jess Caroline with Brian Hanvey, the hunky dude whom Jess has now MARRIED. But Nathalie clearly doesn’t think much of her at all.

8. Vanessa, on the other hand …

Vanessa, on the other hand ...

Even though Nathalie is clearly no fan of Colt (honestly, who IS, aside from Debbie?), she seems to think the world of Vanessa. Well, we don’t have to judge someone by her friend (with benefits), right?

9. So … about Eric’s dingdong

So ... about Eric's dingdong

According to Nathalie’s assessment, Eric’s penis is well ahead of Colt’s infamous sweet gherkin (sadly, it has made its way around the internet), but nothing that she considers something to write home about.

10. What hot tub pic???

What hot tub pic???

This one. We cannot, in fact, show you the whole thing. Sorry if that’s disappointing, but you do see a liiiiiitle too much of his flaccid penis in the full version for us to share. The good news is that if you want to see the whole thing, you might have better luck on Eric’s OnlyFans. We can’t vouch for his content, but if he’s showing “sidepeen” on regular ol’ social media, maybe he’s sharing something spicier for paying subscribers.

11. She doesn’t paint a flattering picture

She doesn't paint a flattering picture

“Small and skinny” are not adjectives that people generally like to hear about their penises. Ouch.

12. That said …

That said ...

Nathalie emphasizes that she has never actually had sex with Eric. She also has not dated him … something that will come up more than once.

13. Would she??

Would she??

NO Nathalie is not looking to date Eric.

14. She NEVER dated Eric

She NEVER dated Eric

In fact, she says that Eric lied to Larissa about being with her. Weird.

15. First contact from Larissa

First contact from Larissa

For some reason, Nathalie’s screenshots show her speech bubbles on the left? We don’t know what that’s about.

16. Eric never had a chance with her

Eric never had a chance with her

She appears to call him a “closet pssy(?) ass bitch,” implying that either he is not straight or that he is not interested in women at all.

17. That leads us to another subject …

That leads us to another subject ...

A lot of fans have speculated about Eric’s sexuality. Nathalie says that, when they met in late 2019, he “acted like a man 1000%.” For the record, um, gay and bi men also “act like men.” Arguably the whole point of mlm (men who love men, be they gay, bi, pan, etc) is that both parties involved are men. Nathalie is coming across as homophobic here. Though she does suggest elsewhere that she is bi, it is every bit as possible for a bi woman to be homophobic as it is for a gay man to be biphobic. We’re not accusing her of being a bigot, but we wish that she could have phrased things better.

18. Does she really think that he’s gay?

Does she really think that he's gay?

To be clear, this is a meme used by bi people to joke about being called “half gay.” Bi folks are neither half gay nor half straight, they are fully bi. The implication behind her using this meme is that she believes that Eric may be bisexual.

19. Can we get a direct answer?

Can we get a direct answer?

Nathalie says that she believes Eric to be bisexual, but clearly she is not certain.

20. Now to the ugliest part: what he said about Larissa

Now to the ugliest part: what he said about Larissa

According to Nathalie, Eric said that she has an unpleasant genital odor, that she rarely bathes, that she’s a bad mother, that she doesn’t like to perform oral sex and isn’t good at it, that she refuses to allow him to perform oral sex on her, that she doesn’t like sex in general, that she’s “crazy” due to her medication, and that she is extremely sensitive to insults about her appearance. (Note that a few of these, even if true, have explanations. People battling depression have trouble bathing regularly, and would also be on medication. And vaginal odor usually results from disruptions to pH balance … and some medications can cause this)

21. It’s “worse than you will ever know”

It's "worse than you will ever know"

Nathalie hints that there is more, possibly about how Larissa and Eric responded to her once they reconciled, that she has not revealed. Wow!

As for why she's so anti-Larissa

In this video, Nathalie explains why she and Larissa view each other with such animosity despite their intially friendly, supportive interactions.

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