Jenelle Evans: Did She Just Share a Recording of David Eason Abusing His Daughter?!

Jenelle Evans makes bad choices.

It’s sort of her whole thing.

We’d be here forever, probably literally, listing every single one of those bad choices, so for now, let’s just focus on the YouTube series she’s been doing for the past few weeks.

A series from Jenelle Evans about her dealing with CPS … how did she ever think that would go over well?

It definitely hasn’t, but she just shared the final episode of the series.

And it contains one of the most heartbreaking recordings we’ve ever heard.

1. These Jerks

These Jerks

Have you been keeping up with Jenelle’s new YouTube series? If not, here’s a quick recap: the whole thing is just her crying about how traumatized she was when CPS thought that maybe it would be a good idea to take her kids away after her husband brutally killed her dog.

2. Remarkable


Really, she made an entire series about it. It really seems like she wanted to do it to clear her name and to defend David, but that is not what happened.

3. Impressive


Nope, what actually happened was that she and David just came off looking more delusional than ever.

4. Poor Maryssa

Poor Maryssa

There were points where they made themselves look like monsters, too — for example, there was a part in the last episode where Jenelle actually made fun of Maryssa, David’s daughter from a previous relationship, for testifying against them.

5. Get Ready

Get Ready

And if you thought that was bad … well, you haven’t seen anything yet.


This new video, which will be the last in this series, starts off kind of slow — it’s mostly just Jenelle and David bashing one of the CPS workers on the case. At one point David compares what CPS does to child trafficking, which is hilarious and horrifying all at the same time.

7. Hooray


Jenelle said when everything started winding down, the judge asked if anyone else was going to testify, and when the lawyers said that everything was done, the case was immediately dismissed.

8. So Many Tears

So Many Tears

She started crying when she recalled how her lawyer told her that going forward, none of the information in the case could be used against them. After hearing that, she said “I was like, ‘f-ck all of you. F-ck everyone who doubted me, f-ck everyone who called me a bad mom, f-ck you for causing me this depression, f-ck you for traumatizing my kids. F-ck you. I f-cking win.”

9. Ugh


And that’s gross and all, but what comes next in the video is just on a whole different level.

10. Horrifying


From Jenelle’s rant, we go to footage from last July — it seems like it was recorded just after the case was dismissed but just before Maryssa came back to live with them.

11. Setting the Scene

Setting the Scene

Jenelle recorded it in the car as they were driving to pick up Ensley from Barbara’s house, and at first, David was speaking to Maryssa’s mother on the phone.

12. Pitiful


The whole thing is that at this point, David and Jenelle both seemed pretty upset with Maryssa for testifying against them — she had said in court that David had broken down a door, but they made fun of her for confusing some details, even though a 911 call from Jenelle herself was leaked months ago in which she told the operator that David had broken down their door.

13. Lovely


“If you can’t get Maryssa under control then it might be a problem on your end,” he tells her. “I’ve always been able to keep control of her. Now, if she has some sort of emotional outburst where she’s not able to control herself, then we can consider getting a professional involved.”

14. Gross


“Other than that,” he continues, “you may need to learn how to relay things to her that are positive other than negative about her father, and it would be easier on her. Don’t ask her so many questions, talk to her like a child, and let her know that it’s just going back to normal life. If she can’t deal with it, then we’ll get a professional involved.”

15. Throwing a Fit

Throwing a Fit

Maryssa’s mother says that she doesn’t talk to her about David, but David argues that someone was telling her negative things about him, because it surely couldn’t be Maryssa expressing her own feelings and sharing her own experiences.

16. Oh No

Oh No

And then Maryssa comes on the phone, and that’s when things get really bad.

17. An Actual Nightmare

An Actual Nightmare

At first, David tries to be sweet, but Maryssa is clearly not having it. She barely even wants to say hi, and then David asks her “Can you talk to me again now?”

18. Lots of Questions

Lots of Questions

She hesistates for a while before saying “yeah,” and David asks her if anyone had told her not to talk to him. She says “no” pretty firmly — it sounds like David has asked this question before — and he tells her that she doesn’t have to be upset.

19. Heartbreaking


Maryssa starts crying pretty hard here, and she tells him “I’m scared I’m gonna get in trouble when I get over there.” And then David LAUGHS while Maryssa sobs, and asks her if she’s ever been in trouble. He LAUGHS.

20. So Wrong

So Wrong

He tells her to “come on back to realization, come on back to real life here,” and asks “When have you ever gotten in trouble that you need to be scared of?”

21. Pushing It

Pushing It

She doesn’t answer because she’s crying, poor thing, and he then asks her what being in trouble means at the Eason home. She says “yelling,” he asks if he’s ever yelled at her, which is a dumb question because she literally just said that he did. She says “yes” again, but David’s got an answer for that, too.

22. “tHeRe’S a DiFfErEnCe”

"tHeRe'S a DiFfErEnCe"

“I’ve yelled at you, or I’ve gotten a loud tone of voice?” he questioned. “Because there’s a difference.” Ridiculous, right?

23. Yikes


He tells her that she doesn’t have anything to be scared of, no matter what she did, but that they’re not going to talk about her testimony — and that sounds like he knows she’s scared of going back home after testifying against them, right? But no, he never even yells.

24. So Hard to Hear

So Hard to Hear

When David says that she doesn’t have anything to be scared of, she starts crying pretty hard, and then he tells her that they’re never going back to court, that she won’t have to say anymore things about him in court ever. He says that maybe she doesn’t realize that she lied, which is another goofy thing, because she was nearly 12 years old when she testified. It’s not like she was a confused toddler.

25. Trouble


But regardless of what she said or whether or not she realized if she was telling the truth (see how goofy that sounds?), he tells her “It’s not anything that’s gonna make you in trouble, whatever you think trouble is, because you’ve never been in trouble at my house. I have never yelled at you. I don’t even know what you’re talking about. You’ve never been yelled at by anyone in my house.”

26. Something to Note

Something to Note

That sounds an awful lot like gaslighting, which is a form of emotional abuse. So, you know, there’s that.

27. Noooo


Maryssa, who again has been crying hysterically throughout all of that, asks “Are you gonna let me see my mama and my ganny?” (Her “ganny,” we’re pretty sure, is her grandmother.)

28. This Guy

This Guy

Instead of comforting her, he gets a very stern tone and says “Number one, the first thing you need to do is calm down and stop crying, because if the thought of going to your ganny’s house is upsetting you, then maybe you shouldn’t go back over there!”

29. Why God

Why God

Yes, that’s obviously not what she meant, and funny enough, there’s a jump cut here where Jenelle’s edited something out, but then we hear David say “No one’s ever kept you from going to your ganny’s house, ever. Why would that even cross your mind? Has someone else said it?”

30. What a Jerk

What a Jerk

She says no, but he argues that someone has to have said that because he never has, and she exclaims “I was just asking you a question!”

31. A True Monster

A True Monster

He tells her to stay calm, which is really rich coming from the guy who pistol whipped his wife’s friend and threatened to “blow [his] f-cking brains out” because he’d misplaced his car keys and thought they’d been stolen.

32. Reprehensible


“You’re making a problem in your own mind that doesn’t even exist,” he continues — more of that gaslighting we were talking about. “You’re crying and sobbing when nothing has ever happened to you.”

33. When Will It End

When Will It End

He says that he could tell her some stories from his childhood that would really make her cry, “but right now you’re just sobbing and crying and putting on a show for absolutely no reason.”

34. Real Nice

Real Nice

Only then does he think to let her know that they’ve been recording her — so who was she putting on a show for? — and he tells her again to “stop putting on a show or a facade like there’s a bunch of problems.”

35. … Yes, Please?

... Yes, Please?

He threatens that if she doesn’t stop crying and calm down, then they’re going to take her to a doctor … which would be a great thing and something they absolutely should do? It had to have been a traumatic experience for her, even just the emergency removal, so talking to a doctor would definitely be a good thing, it shouldn’t be a threat.

36. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness

After that, the clip ends, and not a moment too soon. The video goes back to Present Jenelle explaining things, and she says that she thinks Maryssa was confused because she was trying to please everyone.

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