Jenelle Evans Mocks Stepdaughter in Disturbing New Video

1. Facts


So … Jenelle isn’t a good person, right?

2. More Facts

More Facts

Good people don’t do or say the kinds of things she does, and that’s undeniable.

3. Where to Start?

Where to Start?

If you feel like you need some examples of what we’re talking about with that, feel free to just look up pretty much anything about Jenelle.

4. Another Option

Another Option

Or just keep reading to see what terrible thing she did this time.

5. Ugh


So Jenelle has been doing a series of YouTube videos called “I Have Something to Say” in which she discusses that whole thing last year where David killed her dog and CPS took all the kids out of the home.

Sorry 'Bout It

She just posted the fifth episode of the series, and that’s what we’re going to be talking about today.

7. Unfair


She kicked off the video that by explaining that a little over a month into the court proceedings, her lawyer told her that the judge was no good. Apparently the judge was treating them unfairly, he wasn’t cooperating with her lawyer, and he was listening to the suggestions of CPS — the nerve, right?

8. Oh OK


The issue with this, she said, is that CPS “took our children away illegally in the first place.” We’re not sure about the validity of that, but that’s her story and she’s sticking to it.

9. A Big Choice

A Big Choice

After a bit of complaining, Jenelle’s lawyer told her that she had the option to ask the judge to remove himself from the case. If he agreed, they’d get a new judge that might be less “bias,” but if he refused, he’d probably be “pissed off” at them for asking in the first place, and it might make things go even more poorly for them.

10. Uh Oh

Uh Oh

At first, the judge refused, and that frightened Jenelle. At this point in the video, she makes the decision to abruptly cut to footage from last June, right in the middle of all the court proceedings.

11. So Sad

So Sad

In this footage, she’s crying about missing her kids, saying things like “I’m trying everything in my power to make myself happy again.”

12. Oh No

Oh No

She then revealed that she’d just FaceTimed with Jace and Ensley, who were with her mother, Barbara, at the time, and that recently Jace had gotten into a fight at camp and Barbara wanted to admit him to a hospital — it seems like she was concerned about his mental health.

13. Wow


She learned about this from someone with CPS, and she said that she told that person as well as Jace’s doctor that she didn’t want that to happen — she said that Jace is “on his best behavior” when he’s at her house, and that Barbara had a history of admitting Jenelle’s siblings to psychiatric facilities and group homes, and getting them on a variety of medications.

14. Questionable


Seems like a lot of really personal information to share, right? But as always, she’s not thinking about how this could affect anyone else.

15. Fair?


After that, Barbara stopped letting her talk to Jace — she even blocked her number on his phone. And that kind of makes sense, you know? Especially because the next thing she said was about how she had to complete court-ordered parenting classes and David had to do anger management.

16. Well …

Well ...

She started crying again when she added that Nathan had also stopped letting her talk to Kaiser. “Everyone’s cutting me off,” she said through tears, “and I didn’t do nothing wrong to them.”

17. Tough Break

Tough Break

“I just want to be happy,” she whisper-cried. Then the video cut to some chicken eggs.

18. Private


Next, the Jenelle of today complained about the media coverage of the whole thing. She said that she and David announced that they wanted to keep things private, and apparently the judge agreed, but details still kept leaking. She read some headlines, then said that all of that is the reason she’s making all of these videos — to get the truth out there.

19. Noooo


At the next court date, the judge surprised everyone by agreeing to step down, and a new judge came on the case — Jenelle said that she was the best judge to have for her CPS case because she never does CPS cases, so that’s great.

20. Interesting


She actually got really pumped in this part of the video because, as she claimed, the new judge made CPS “look like idiots,” and it was “f-cking epic.”

21. Back in Time

Back in Time

From there, we go back to June of last year. Jenelle and David have just come home from court, and they’re laughing and joking — it’s honestly a pretty weird vibe from a couple who still don’t have custody of their kids.

22. Poor Thing

Poor Thing

Then Jenelle goes on for a bizarre amount of time about how she’s anxious and nauseous and how she has a headache, and probably it has something to do with how she only had two bites of a cheeseburger that day, that’s probably why she has a headache and why her headache is causing her to be nauseous. All of that and not a word about how the kids are doing — just Jenelle things, you know.

23. Doing It Over

Doing It Over

Since they got a new judge, they had to pretty much do everything all over again, which was also stressful on her, but it was also a relief because she’s been in court with this judge before, so she knew more about what to expect.

24. Amazing


For example, this judge is a pretty no-nonsense type of lady. “She doesn’t want to know a half-ass story,” Jenelle said, “she’s like ‘Do you know it or do you don’t?” DO YOU KNOW IT OR DO YOU DON’T?!

25. Here We Go

Here We Go

For the next part of her court recap, Jenelle said that Maryssa, David’s daughter, testified again — she’d already testified, but that was in front of the first judge, so the poor girl had to do it all over again. And here’s where things start to get really bad.

26. The Audacity

The Audacity

She said that the last time Maryssa testified, she said that “David pushed out a door with this two hands” — she said this in mocking tone with a mocking face. Like just imagine you’re recounting something really dumb that someone you don’t like said, that’s how she said it.

27. Changing Stories?

Changing Stories?

And while that was what Maryssa said the first time, the second time she said “David ripped a screen door off the front door,” even though they don’t have screen doors. David, who was in the background, said that a few minutes later, Maryssa admitted that they don’t have screen doors. So this is the segment where Jenelle and David mock a little girl for testifying about abuse in court.

28. Well Well Well

Well Well Well

It’s worth pointing out that a 911 recording does exist from December of 2018 in which Jenelle tells an operator that David was trying to break down the front door, so it doesn’t really matter whether or not a screen door existed, Maryssa was obviously telling the truth.

29. Just Acting

Just Acting

Jenelle continued attacking Maryssa, this time for saying that she “acts happy” at home, “even in candid videos.” Jenelle said that she also claimed that she had been “scared and not wanting to live with us for the past two years and never wanted to live with us in the first place.”

30. Horrible


When Maryssa was asked if she’d ever told anyone that she’d been scared or that she didn’t want to be there, she said that she said no — she used that awful mocking voice again — and later she said that she wanted to go back to her old school, the one she left a couple of years ago because David reportedly found out that a transgender teacher taught there.

31. Reprehensible


She speculated that Maryssa testified against them and made everything up just because she wanted to go back to her old school, even though, as we said, Jenelle herself made a 911 call about David breaking down a door.

32. So Gross

So Gross

There are a lot of layers to this — it’s awful that Maryssa was even in this position in the first place, but then for Jenelle to make fun of her for being brave enough to testify is just despicable. And for Jenelle to review that footage, edit it into her YouTube video, and share it without realizing how terrible it makes her look … it boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

33. We’ve Heard It All Before

We've Heard It All Before

After Maryssa, Jenelle dragged Barbara through the mud, saying things about how she testified against them because she’s always been “jealous” of Jenelle’s significant others, because that makes sense. She made fun of good ol’ Babs for testifying that she was “scared” of David, which is silly because Jenelle has done that exact thing more than once.

34. WHAT


And then — get ready, because this is extra goofy — she said that Barbara told her that if she leaves David, everything would be over. “All of this would be over, are you f-cking kidding me?” she asked. “No. I’ma deal with divorce, I’ma deal with depression, heartbreak, should I leave him or shouldn’t I leave him, was it the best thing to do, split my kids up, split my family up, like what are you talking about?”

35. The Big Question

The Big Question

Do you think she knows how ridiculous she sounds, or do you think she’s oblivious? It’s hard to say.

36. Goodness Gracious

Goodness Gracious

She rambled on for a while longer about how awful her mother and Maryssa are for testifying against her, and towards the end, she even mentioned plans to “get Jace back” after the CPS situation was sorted. Yep, she’s still doing that old song and dance.

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