Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin: Surprise, We Hate Each Other Again!

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have had their fair share of disagreements.

Like, a lot of them — that’s why they got divorced.

But in the past few years, things seemed to have gotten better between them.

That’s what we thought, anyway.

Now, thanks to some new comments from both Kailyn and Javi, we know that behind the scenes, things are pretty awful.

Keep scrolling to find out what’s going on with these two!

1. So Much for That

So Much for That

This is a photo of Kailyn and Javi together a few years ago, after their divorce. As you can see, they did get along well, even after the split.

2. Clarification


Well, for at least a little bit, anyway.

3. A Look Back

A Look Back

They divorced for a lot of reasons — they’ve both accused each other of cheating, he blamed her for a miscarriage, and also they never really seemed to even like each other all that much.

4. Oh Wow

Oh Wow

Kailyn has admitted that she did cheat on Javi with Chris Lopez, and right around the time the divorce was finalized, she became pregnant with Lux, her third child and her first with Chris.

5. Goodness Gracious

Goodness Gracious

But about six months after Lux was born, Kail and Javi hooked up for a bit. So there’s that.

6. To Say the Least

To Say the Least

The whole thing is just really, really messy, that’s what we’re getting at with all of this.

7. Oh No

Oh No

Like, so messy that at one point Javi broke into Kailyn’s house and she filed an order of protection against him.

8. Exhausting


These two go back and forth so much that after that fiasco, they worked on writing a book together — a book that was ultimately scrapped because they got on bad terms again.

9. Huh


We’ve kind of been under the impression that they were doing OK, but maybe that’s just because all of her “let me tell you about my evil ex” energy was focused on Chris.

10. Surprise!


Because now we know for sure that all is not well between these two former lovers.

11. Let’s Begin

Let's Begin

OK, so the background on this new development: Kail usually gets along with Jo Rivera, the father of her first child, and she and his wife, Vee, are friends now.

12. Neat


They’re actually such good friends that they’ve just started a podcast.

13. Awww


To promote the podcast, Kailyn shared this photo of herself with Jo and Vee — it’s nice, right? After all, there was a time where they didn’t get along well either.

14. Here Comes Trouble

Here Comes Trouble

Instead of just appreciating the picture, one of her followers commented with “Is everyone ignoring the fact that she’s super rude to her other son’s stepmom? You can praise “coparenting” all day but obviously it’s not a top priority to Kail.”

15. Sorry, Lauren

Sorry, Lauren

That comment refers to Lauren Comeau, Javi’s fiancée. You’ll never believe this, but Kailyn doesn’t like her.

16. Not Having It

Not Having It

But Kail took the time to respond to that comment, writing “Wellllllllp, first of all. That’s not Lincoln’s stepmom. Second of all, you have NO IDEA what goes on off camera and the reasons why it’ll never be the same type of relationship as I have with Vee. But go off sis.”

17. Hmmm


So that’s an interesting reply, right? She’s basically saying “I have reasons for not liking Lauren, but I’m not going to tell you what they are, but trust me with this one.” And that really doesn’t work.

18. Come On

Come On

Of course she’s not obligated to share anything about her personal life that she doesn’t want to share, but then why comment in the first place if you’re just going to say something like that?

19. Weird


Also, isn’t it kind of odd that she went out of her way to say that Lauren isn’t Lincoln’s stepmother? Javi and Lauren have been together for almost three years at this point and they have a child of their own together. They’re engaged, they live together, Lauren takes care of him when it’s Javi’s turn to have him … she’s his stepmother.

20. More Drama

More Drama

A screenshot of Kailyn’s comment made its way to a Teen Mom Instagram page … and wouldn’t you know it, Javi just happened to see it.

21. Not One Bit

Not One Bit

And he did not appreciate it.

22. Going Off

Going Off

“We stay out of all of this drama and 100% mind our own business,” he commented. “There is nothing ‘off cameras’ that creates drama. We don’t film.”

23. Fair Enough

Fair Enough

Pretty solid defense, right? But he wasn’t done.

24. Doing It for the Kids

Doing It for the Kids

“It’s about the kids and that’s what we keep at it,” he continued. “Lauren helps me out tremendously when it comes to taking care of Lincoln. You guys hate on Lauren if she does too much or if she doesn’t do enough. Never hesitates when Isaac wants to come over.”

25. So Sweet

So Sweet

(Real quick, isn’t it so nice to hear that he still spends time with Isaac? They were really close when he and Kailyn were married, so it’s good that they’re still able to see each other.)

26. And That’s That

And That's That

Javi finished his comment with “I’ve paid for my mistakes but Lauren doesn’t deserve this backlash at all.”

27. What Next?

What Next?

As of now, Kailyn hasn’t responded — we wouldn’t be surprised if she does, but it would also make sense if she just let it go, considering how most people seem to be on Javi’s side with this.

28. Team Lauren?

Team Lauren?

Really the only thing people have against Lauren is that she’s involved with an MLM, and a lot of people wished she’d have left Javi after he cheated on her last year.

29. Sad But True

Sad But True

Meanwhile, Kailyn is known to start drama with people for no real reason, Like, a lot.

30. Tough Call?

Tough Call?

So while we always love a juicy bit of gossip, we’re inclined to believe Javi on this one.

31. The Big Question

The Big Question

Who do you think is telling the truth?

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