Kelly Dodd Is The WORST!!!

With all the Housewives dropping like flies lately, how has Kelly Dodd managed to keep her job???

With a history of racist remarks, some VERY concerning comments on COVID, and even former co-stars calling for her to be fired, it’s remarkable that Kelly survived the Bravo purge. Yet the reality star continues to be her oblivious — and apparently impervious — self, with her latest antics combining racial and coronavirus insensitivity into one toxic, super-spreader event.

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The event in question was the 45-year-old’s bridal shower on Sunday ahead of her wedding to fiancé Rick Leventhal. Kelly showed off pics from the event, and followers spotted multiple offensive infractions at the party.

Most notably, the TV personality posted a selfie wearing a gag gift hat that read “Drunk Wives Matter.” Yep. Not only did she have the audacity to make light of Black Lives Matter, an important movement for racial justice, she was tone deaf enough to proudly display it on her social media!

kelly dodd blm hat igKelly had to know people would find this hat offensive… and yet she decided to take a selfie with it. / (c) Instagram/Kelly Dodd

Some fans tried to take her to task. One commenter wrote:

“I think you’re smart, beautiful and I usually love your posts. But the hat is hurtful even though I know you don’t mean it to be..”

Wow, that fan really tried to word the criticism as gently as possible. But Kelly wasn’t having any of it. She replied:

“no it’s not I’m on the housewives it’a a play on words its funny come on .”

To another supporter, she defended herself by saying:

“People think I’m mocking BLM that hat was made well before the pandemic.. I’m not mocking BLM I support them .. why are people so sensitive?”

We can’t even begin to explain how far she missed the mark with these rebuttals. First of all, you can’t just deny the hat is hurtful, Kelly. It is a parody of Black Lives Matter — whether you understand that or not. The right thing to do is try to understand how you’ve hurt someone and attempt to make up for it. Second of all, it REALLY doesn’t matter when the hat was made — BLM predates the pandemic, so it would be just as offensive a year ago as it is today.

And finally, if you really supported BLM, you wouldn’t be doing wordplay with their rallying cry. We shouldn’t even have to say this, but Black Lives Matter is an issue of life or death for many in this country who are fighting for equality, and “Drunk Wives Matter” is a meaningless, frivolous phrase that stands for nothing.

The mockery of her hat wasn’t the only thing the comments section dragged Kelly for. The bridal shower also wasn’t socially distanced at all, and they appeared only to wear masks in a photo — in order to make fun of people asking about them.

In response to one commenter wishing she would be “more responsible,” she wrote:

“I’m responsible never been sick !! And travelled the world it’s a 99% recovery people of [sic] you aren’t compromised it’s a super flu not a death sentence!”

Again… the ignorance and insensitivity displayed here is practically awe-inspiring. Just for the record, Dr. Anthony Fauci has said that a 1% mortality rate for coronavirus means it’s “10-times more lethal than the seasonal flu.”According to USA Today, that 1% mortality rate could equal between 700,000 and 1.5 million dead Americans. But we guess those staggering numbers are fine as long as it’s not a Housewife and her rich friends.

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Remember: just because Kelly may make a full recovery if she contracted COVID, doesn’t mean she won’t spread it to someone else. That’s the definition of a super-spreader event — Kelly’s bridal shower could put some poor, unrelated Orange County grandmother in the hospital. Her logic also doesn’t take into account how many “recovered” people are now suffering permanent side effects from the disease, like damage to the lungs.

Here’s the kicker — amidst Kelly’s disgusting defenses, she admitted:

“most of these people got it already and you know what they got better.”

Imagine ADMITTING most of your friends got COVID because all of you foolishly refuse to practice appropriate safety measures!!! We can’t imagine how many lives have been negatively affected by this group of spoiled socialites acting so carelessly.

The Real Housewives cast members admittedly are not meant to be role models, but at the very least their actions don’t tend to be this harmful to society as a whole. Hopefully Andy Cohen and co. wises up and ditches this woman before they start contact tracing coronavirus deaths to her buffoonish bridal shower…

[Image via DJDM/WENN & Kelly Dodd/Instagram]

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