Kylie Jenner Grabs Her Own Boobs, Gets Roasted For Weird Reason

By now, we’re all very familiar with the Kylie Jenner boob-grab,

It’s a move that the 23-year-old social media queen has executed many, many times in her famously racy social media posts.

Kylie Jenner Peach

But for as many times as we’ve seen it, we never noticed something that was pointed out in a comment on Kylie’s latest post.

And apparently, a lot of people did notice, because that comment wound up going viral.

Over the weekend, Kylie jetted off to Las Vegas for Cardi B’s 28th birthday party.

She wore a sparkly Versace minidress, which she showed off for her 197 million followers.

Kylie Jenner Glam

And of course, she pulled one of her famous boob-grabs.

Usually, the maneuver is greeted with universal applause.

But this time, a nit-picker made an interesting point that we can’t stop thinking about:

Kylie Is on Tik Tok

“Why her hand so big?” the commenter asked, adding a skull emoji to indicate that the situation is so serious they died from it.

The comment racked up 4,000 likes and hundreds of responses, most of them echoing the sentiment and agreeing that the world’s youngest self made billionaire is rocking some massive digits on her hand, as well as in her bank account. 

Kylie’s big hands have caught the attention of social media users before, but never on this level.

Kylie Is Wearing Makeup, No Top

To be clear, we’re not fans of appearance- or body-shaming of any kind, but considering every other part of Kylie is flawless, and a celebrity getting dragged for big hands is inherently funny, we’re gonna go ahead and let this one slide.

Plus, it serves as a reminder that even with an endless supply of money to spend on plastic surgery, no one can fix every single imperfection on their body.

As far as we know, there’s no procedure that allows doctors to shrink human fingers while still allowing the patient full use of her hand.

Kylizzle 4 Shizzle

So Kylie has to either accept that her hands are abnormally large, or she’s gotta pay someone to do her makeup and lift her Starbucks cup to her lips every day.

Actually, she might already have an employee who performs both of those tasks …

But even if Kylie is uncomfortable with her massive mitts, she has options that don’t involve surgery.

Kylie Jenner Grabs Her Boobs

After all, she’s been potsing racy pics on Instagram on a daily basis for five years now, and we’ve barely ever noticed her hands.

That’s because, like a skilled magician, the 23-year-old is a master of misdirection.

When Kylie’s boobs are on display, not many people are paying attention to her hands, even when she’s groping herself in the pic.

Kylie in the Pool

Well, apparently that one guy is — and then there are the several thousand people who liked his comment.

Maybe Kylie’s hands are a bigger (no pun intended) issue than we thought.

Or maybe we’ve all been living the quarantine life for too long, and we’re dissecting everything we look at out of sheer boredom.

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