Nicole Nafziger: I’m Still Engaged to Azan and I’m NOT a Homewrecker!

If you’ve been following Nicole Nafziger closely on social media or following THG‘s extensive 90 Day Fiance coverage, you’re up to date.

You know that Nicole is back in the US and has been for about two months.

You also know that, just a few weeks ago, Nicole was gushing about making babies with Azan — whose real name is Hassan M’Raouni.

But Azan himself doesn’t exactly post a lot, or share much about his life.

And it’s been years since he actually posted to Instagram about Nicole, directly or indirectly.

Are they even still together?

1. Nicole misses Azan

Nicole misses Azan

“Really missing my man today, I miss you,” Nicole captioned this recently shared photo on Instagram. In it, she is wearing a gorgeous magenta dress in a Moroccan style. The photo is from her 5-month stay in Morocco.

2. Are they still engaged?

Are they still engaged?

One fan — not meaning to sound as hostile as some perceived — asked Nicole if they are still together, writing: “You guys still engaged or together or what? damn let us know, i doubt you’re still under TLCs contract bc you or azan never returned to the damn show.” Nicole replied: “I mean I’ve said many times we are still together, plus I just posted about him, so yea.”

3. Snarky!


Later in the thread, they both made it clear that they did not mean to offend the other. It’s hard to read the tone of text-only media!

4. Wait, isn’t Azan married?

Wait, isn't Azan married?

No!!! As Nicole noted here, no matter how many times people parrot this rumor (without any evidence whatsoever), it’s still not true.

5. That rumor …

That rumor ...

In case you need a refresher on the imaginations of bored 90 Day Fiance fans, earlier this year, someone conjured up a tale of Azan (whose real name is Hassan M’Raouni) being secretly married … to his cousin … with kids. This soap opera twist has never been backed up by any evidence whatsoever. If it had, we would report on it.

6. People are so silly!

People are so silly!

Nicole affirms that she also has no desire to wreck anyone else’s marriage. (Keep in mind that third parties who only know one spouse are never “homewreckers;” that dubious honor falls on the cheating spouse and on them alone)

7. Kind of weird …

Kind of weird ...

We don’t mean to single out this single Instagram user (and neither did Nicole). Not everyone follows THG for regular updates on the lives and adventures of 90 Day Fiance stars, past and present. But … Nicole just spent five months in Morocco. She wasn’t just a tourist, she was there for Azan. Did it go as planned? No, thanks to the pandemic. But they are still engaged.

8. Some fans wonder why they don’t move on

Some fans wonder why they don't move on

It’s fair to have questions — like why they don’t both find partners who are easier to be with. The answer that Nicole has offered is that, well, love. Not everyone would consider it to be worth it to be apart for so long, but Nicole and Azan feel differently.

9. These days, Nicole is back home

These days, Nicole is back home

She returned in early August from her extended stay in Morocco, happily reuniting with her daughter, May. She was also tested for COVID-19 after flying during this pandemic. The last thing that she wants is to negatively impact her family.

10. Yay!


Her reunion with May was so sweet, and she got home in time for this major milestone — losing a front tooth! May is 6 years old, so it’s time. We’ll include a sweet mother-daughter video at the end of this post.

11. May had been staying with her mom

May had been staying with her mom

Robbalee, Nicole’s mom, treasured the time with her granddaughter. For tens of thousands of years, grandparents have been providing childcare. She hadn’t planned on having May with her for half of the year, but they formed memories that will last them both a lifetime. (Robbalee has also been extremely patient with even the most hostile “fans” on Instagram)

12. Nicole loves coffee

Nicole loves coffee

She shared this photo while in Morocco of herself holding a mug of Moroccan coffee. She’s a huge fan of Moroccan tea and of Moroccan tajine as well.

13. But …

But ...

Nicole has announced that she is not currently planning to return to Starbucks, the job that she set aside before heading to Morocco. She loves her Starbucks family and treasures her time there, but it was time to move on.

14. THEY know their relationship status

THEY know their relationship status

Nicole and Azan have so many moments and memories that we’ve never seen, either on 90 Day Fiance or on social media. We have to remember that we only see a sliver of their real lives and their romance. But they know it all.

15. But as long as Nicole and Azan remain apart

But as long as Nicole and Azan remain apart

People are going to speculate wildly — especially since Azan is not big into social media in the way that Nicole is.

As promised ...

Here is a touching video of May brushing her mom’s hair. This is from just days after Nicole’s return to the US, and it’s oh so sweet.

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