Teresa Giudice Throws Mask-Free Sweet 16 Party, Earns All the Hate

Years ago, Teresa Giudice spent many months in prison for her blatant disregard of American bankruptcy rules.

Now, after having served a lengthy stint behind bars, the polarizing Bravo personality has gone ahead and seemingly shown blatant disregard for something else in America:

The novel coronavirus.

Teresa Giudice and Gabriella

On Sunday, Giudice hosted a party in honor of daughter Gabriella’s 16th birthday.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star shared a video and photos on Instagram from the gathering, which was held at the Dream Downtown hotel in New York City…

… and which appeared to feature many guests without masks or face coverings.

Not exactly shocking coming from Teresa, is it?

Teresa Giudice and All Daughters

“I’m so lucky to be your mom…Happy Sweet 16th Birthday beautiful!” the 48-year old  captioned a video that showed Gabriella surrounded by more than a dozen friends and family members as they sang Happy Birthday.

“Happy Sweet 16 my beautiful Gabriella!

“You looked so absolutely beautiful last night celebrating & I’m in awe of you everyday.

“You are so smart, kind, funny & dedicated to school and soccer, I can’t wait to see the great things you do in the future!”

singing to gabriella

This is a very nice sentiment and, with her parents having just gotta divorced, we’re sure Gabriella appreciated the celebration.

However, the only person donning a mask in the video was a server who handed a candle to Gabriella.

And you better believe social media users took note.

Teresa Giudice in Summer

“Curious to see how many COVID cases will come from this since you obviously didn’t require masks or social distancing,” one follower commented on the post.

While some fans defended Giudice, another fired back as follows:

“I was just thinking that… I’m not that brave to have a party yet.”

And another chimed in with: “How this whole family hasn’t gotten covid I’ll never know.”

Gia Giudice on the Beach

It’s worth considering the law here, too, beyond some remarks from a handful of critics.

According to New York State, everyone over the age of two — who can medically tolerate it —  must wear a face mask in public if unable to maintain at least six feet of distance from others.

The state also “strongly” recommends that people “wear a face covering as much as possible when in a shared indoor space outside your home,” even if you can maintain six feet of distance from others.


Teresa Giudice on a Set

Based on the evidence available to us here, Teresa broke the law.

But we direct readers back to the very first sentence of this article and ask a simple question in response:

Are you surprised?

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