Tori Roloff Prepares Fans for Start of Pumpkin Season (With Cutest Photos Ever!)

It’s finally happening, Little People, Big World fans.

There was some doubt for awhile. There were many questions and a lot of speculation.

But despite the challenges imposed by a globall pandemic, and despite the changes that have been put in place as a result, it’s now official…

Pumpkin Season Time!!


Because this weeks-long event brings an endless array of tourists and patrons to the property, there had been concern all summer long that the family would have to close up its beloved farm for the fall.

For safety’s sake, that is, in order to avoid large gatherings of possibly infected individuals.

However, Matt Roloff assured fans last month that pumpkin season would be a go — and the farm then opened for this business on Friday, October 2!

Jackson and Lilah Roloff at the Farm

“Pumpkin season 2020 is officially under way!!” wrote Tori as a caption along with the precious photos above and below.

‘It’s Lilahs first pumpkin season and Jackson’s favorite time of year!

“He’s been asking every day if he gets to put his new boots on and go to the farm! Well the day is here and it’s our favorite!”

Tori proceeded to acknowledge that things will be a tad bit different this year than it has been in the past, for obvious and understandable reasons.

Jackson is So Big!

She added:

“This year is a bit of a challenge but @rolofffarms has done such an amazing job making everyone feel comfortable and safe!”

And she concluded as follows:

“Unfortunately with Covid me and our kids will be less involved. But Zach Matt and Amy are all around and doing such an amazing job!! If you see us out at the patch don’t hesitate to wave and say hi!”

Tori Roloff and Hubby

Despite selling a large portion of her farm land to her ex-husband, Amy Roloff recently confirmed that she’d be around for this profitable and popular season as well.

As for how things will look?

Matt says visitors will need to make a reservation prior to arrival and that, yes, for the first time ever, he’ll need to charge guests a fee upon entrance.

“It’s going to take place in a more intimate setting, although we’re going to stretch out,” Matt explained in a recent Instagram video of how the farm will be open during COVID-19.

Matt Roloff Gets Serious

“We’re going to give everybody access to a walking trail here on the farm [for the first time],” he continued.

“Never let everybody kind of walk into this area of the farm. They’ve seen some of it from a distance on the wagon tours.”

Roloff also teased some “new, cool surprises” ahead for those who stop by.

“Kids are going to love it and all of our play zone and our wagon tours are put away for the season until COVID is over,” he told followers.

Matt Roloff Blasts Amy

“You can come out with your family and do the walking tour, 90 minutes to two hours here and then we’re gonna get a new group of people that are gonna come in and be able to do that,” Matt added.

He said these restrictions are all simply meant to keep everyone “safe,” expounding:

“We’re going to have disinfectant stations and everybody we’re going to require to wear a mask, so don’t come out if you’re not ready to wear a mask, even when you’re walking outside.”

Matt Roloff on the Premiere

In conclusion?

“It’s going to be a good time!

“It’s going to be different than before, but it’s going to be a good time.”

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