What is Blac Chyna’s Net Worth? (You Won’t Believe It!)


We really hope you are sitting down upon reading the following content.

You may also want to stop operating any heavy machinery and don’t take a sip of any beverage, lest you want to spit it out all over your keyboard is total and complete shock.

Blac Chyna, No Shirt

Okay? All good? All set? Here we go…

According to a stunning new report, Blac Chyna makes $17 million per month from OnlyFans.

A content subscription service, OnlyFans has become more and more popular amid the pandemic for D-Listers/reality stars who often make money via red carpet appearances

Unable to do that for the past several months due to COVID-19, folks such as Blac Chyna (and Bella Thorne… and Larissa Lima… and Kailyn Lowry) have signed on to the platform.

Blac Chyna, Nearly Nude

They then charge fans a certain amount of money for access to their content, which typically consists of mostly nude and/or X-rated images.

It’s a sensible arrangement in many regards, and yet it doesn’t make it any less insane that BLAC CHYNA MAKES $17 MILLION PER MONTH OFF OF IT.

No wonder she doesn’t need Rob Kardashian to pay any child support, you know?

Blac Chyna at the 2020 Oscars

For the most part, Chyna shares scantily-clad pictures of herself on OnlyFans.

She’s stopped doing so as much on social media because she can’t earn direct revenue for doing so.

Compare this to OnlyFans, which says it ‘allows content creators to receive funding directly from their fans on a monthly basis as well as off tips and the pay-per-view (PPV) feature.”

Pretty smart, really.

Blac Chyna Goes Blue

To put Chyna’s massive take-home into perspective, she’s the top earned on OnlyFans.

Popular rapper Cardi B is number-three… and yet she makes a paltry $8 million over month.

Paltry when compared to Chyna we mean.

At the height of Rob and Chyna’s child support beef last year, Kardashian claimed in court that he made $60,000 per month, which is a tremendous amount of money — but not when you consider what his ex-fiancee earns.

Blac Chyna on the Gram

To be clear, OnlyFans takes a 20 percent cut of all earnings from its star, meaning that Chyna only actually makes $13,600,000 over the course of a year at the above rate.

How does she ever get by, you know?!?

The Instagram influencer’s other revenue streams include cosmetics endorsements with Monat and Lashed.

She’s got a clothing endorsement from The Dynasty Way (plus her own Blac Chyna Closet) and has her own show on the on-demand Zeus Network, where a subscription will run folks another $40 per month.

Oh, and if you want Chyna to follow you on Instagram? That’ll be $250 please!

Blac Chyna and Her Lips

Crazy, no?!?

We have no idea whether or not Blac Chyna is a bad mother, as has been alleged, but we can say for certain that she’s an exceptional capitalist.

We’re not sure if we should react to this news with applause for how she works the system or with a strong need to go back and change our vote to Bernie Sanders.

Because maybe, just maybe… the system needs to be redone?

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