Yosef Aborady: Get to Know This Season’s Bachelorette Villain!

Let’s face it:

We already know the hero of The Bachelorette Season 16.

According to every rumor and spoiler out there, Dale Moss instantly wins over Clare Crawley this season… to the point that she leaves the show early to start a life with the ex-wide receiver.

Yosef Aborady

But what about the opposite end of the suitor spectrum?

What about this season’s most-hated contestant? Its villain, if you will?

Weeks ago, series expert Realtiy Steve gave this label to Yosef Aborady… and it wasn’t diffiicult to see why after the Season 16 premiere.

Tyler Cottrill accused Yosef of being “reckless on Instagram” and flirting with women he somehow knew.

Aborady eventually sat down with Tyler and Clare and said his intentions on the program were pure — and that was enough for Crawley to hear. For now.

Yosef Aborady Picture

Still, viewers will be keeping a sharp eye on Yosef, and this is what we know of him:

  • He’s 30 years old and he hails from Daphne, Alabama.
  • He got married at 24 and is close to his four-year old daughter, Zara, and also to his ex-wife.
  • He likes cooking, hanging out with friends and going to dance clubs. He also wrote in his ABC bio that he’s been told he talks too much, adding: “I am successful, intelligent, have my life together and I am extremely hard working.”

Doesn’t sound too bad so far, does he?

This is Yosef

Yosef works as a Territorial Manager at Northfield Medical, which fits his Bachelorette description of Medical Device Salesman.

Standing at 6’1″, he’s also represented by Barefoot Model & Talent Agency and works on occasion as a model.

His shoe size is 13, his waist measures 35 inches and his suit size is a 42 regular.

Oh, yes, folks, we’ve done our research!


Here’s a red flag, meanwhile:

Yosef made a personal website when he was cast on The Bachelorette, yosefaborady.com. The site is private now, yet it had been live and it made fans think that Yosef was maybe on The Bachelorette for the wrong reasons.

Could he be in this just for fortunate and/or fame?!?

“The early season villain is Yosef Aborady. From what I’m hearing, the guy had some choice words for Clare. Not sure what about, but it’s not going to look good,” Reality Steve earliier this month.

The Bachelorette Season 16: What’s on Tap?

And Chris Harrison has also seemingly backed up this report.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight before the season, the host revealed that Yosef is trouble.

“Yosef is definitely someone who wears his heart on his sleeve. He is not afraid to express how he’s feeling—and it could be to anybody, including Clare,” Harrison said.

“Yosef is definitely someone, as far as drama goes, you want to keep an eye on.”

Clare, Tyler C. and Yosaf

Tell us more, Chris!

“[He] doesn’t shy away from controversy this season,” teased the producer, adding:

“If there is something on Yosef’s mind, he’s gonna say it.

“He has zero filter, he doesn’t mind who he says it in front of, and he doesn’t mind who he stirs the pot with—and I mean anybody. So, watch out for Yosef.”

Clare and 2 Suitors

And here’s another reason to be on the lookout:

Reality Steve has said Yosef gets sent home outside of a rose ceremony, implying he has an unceremonious exit and maybe even a big fight with the lead.

An extended Bachelorette season trailer shows a snippet of Yosef and Clare’s blowout.

In the clip, Yosef tells Clare, “I’m not done here,” which leads her to yell at him, “You are done. Get out of here!”

Clare Crawley Gets Emotional

Concluded Reality Steve in his negative assessment/spoiler-filled column:

For a guy with a daughter, he sure sets a horrible example this season.

I’ll be curious to see exactly what they show of his conversation with Clare (some of which we’ve seen in the promos), but I’ve been told it wasn’t pretty, he called her names, and all around rude to her.

So she kicked him off the show.

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